Kiss Your Teacher Game Jam – The Potion Master won the Jury Price!

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The second edition of the Kiss Your Teacher Game Jam took place begin October in Mons, Belgium. Its goal was to create, in less than 48 hours, a game around Education. It could be about the usual stuff like Math, Science, Languages but It could also be about social subjects like Media awareness, immigration, pocket money management, day-to-day routine.

We joined this Game Jam with the help of Helene Magermans, skillful Language Therapist. After some painful hours of brainstorming looking for ways Video Games can help Helene in her daily work, we decided to create a game about Mathematical Logic and Planning Skills.

Taking this famous puzzle from Die Hard 3 as basis, we created the first prototype of The Potion Master.

The principle is quite simple. As a young magician running the potion shop when your master is away doing magic stuff, you need to carefully follow the recipe to create the desire potion. Chose wisely your tools in order to put the exact amount of ingredients in the magic cauldron.

After an intense weekend, we finally presented our concept to the jury. And won the first prize. What a wonderful achievement for our first participation to a Game Jam as a team.


That was an amazing experience. We met a lot of passionate people and enjoyed the warm welcome of the Microsoft Innovation Center during this unforgettable weekend. Black Land Studio will be there next year !

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